Buzz & Co Asset Management is an independent, privately-owned family office which provides comprehensive Net Worth Management to successful families. We act as the personal CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for our clients, coordinating and managing the complexities of the family businesses, investments and broader family affairs.

The challenges that come with significant wealth should not be underestimated. Many families with complex family structures own a diversity of investments, business and real estate interests and need the independence, objectivity and counsel that a family office firm can provide. Buzz & Co serves as the single point of contact who clients can call on any issue related to their affairs.

Buzz & Co ’s mission is to bring direction, perspective and confidence to the everyday management of our clients’ net worth. We help our clients to define a clear sense of the direction they want to take, and to develop a broader and longer-term perspective. We work closely with our clients’ existing professional advisors to ensure that everything is coordinated and integrated.

Typical Buzz & Co clients have family net worth in the $10-$500 million range.

Founded in 2017, by Chairman and CEO Daisuke Hasegawa.

Company number 11090500